Lease Vs Purchase

MTS Office provides an array of financing options available to fit with our client’s various business needs. Over the past few years, we have seen a higher percentage of the market lease their business equipment vs. purchase it outright. This decision does not affect our service plans in any way, but it is important to inform our customers on the options so they can make an educated decision. It is also essential to highlight that we partner with lease providers who offer the customer service that we value as a business, including flexible terms, competitive rates, and fast response.

Leasing Benefits:

  • Keep up with the latest technology: In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, your office MFP (multi-functional product) interacts with all facets of your business. All equipment is now updated regularly to interact with your computer operating systems, cloud-based technologies, as well as document workflow and accounting software. Color quality on devices has rapidly improved and continues to do so, keeping your office with the best combination of quality and efficiency.
  • Service Costs and Flexibility: While it will cost more over time to lease a machine, it is only one half of the equation. One trend in the industry is newer devices are more cost effective to service and maintain than previous generations. If your volume is high, or your company grows, leasing allows you the flexibility to upgrade to the latest models and save money on your service agreement.
  • Easy to budget: Leasing provides options to include service in a low monthly payment. Service plans can be included, allowing clients to more easily plan and budget for their printing costs. There is no upfront cost to a lease, enabling your business to better leverage capital in other areas.
  • Tax Advantages: MTS offers multiple lease options including fair market value and $1 buyout leases. Both have various tax differences, and we suggest contacting your accountant to discuss which option is best for you. When you purchase a machine outright, it is considered an asset and you must depreciate it accordingly. When you lease a machine, you do not own it immediately, and can deduct your monthly payments.