FM Audit

Fleet Management and Automation Tools

FM Audit is a powerful fleet automation software that makes service and supplies proactive vs. reactive. It assists our clients by automating toner orders, eliminates meter and supply requests, and even notifies our team of certain service call requests. The tool provides detailed reports on your entire print fleet allowing our sales professionals to match your volume and needs with the most cost effective, efficient product available. We have many case studies where using this data has saved customers thousands of dollars on a monthly basis

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Benefits of MTS Office Automation Software:

  • is 100% automated, no human interaction required once installed.
  • is 100% free to customer, software license is maintained by MTS.
  • is capable of working on networks that are server-based, peer-to- peer, and those consisting of a single PC.
  • is capable of working behind a proxy server and firewalls.
  • is HIPAA compliant.
  • is non-intrusive using 256-bit encryption for highly secure networks.
  • only captures device usage exclusive of print job content.
  • can proactively alert you on toner levels and service-related issues.
  • monitors locally connected printers.
  • monitors print usage across entire networked printer fleet, 24/7.
  • creates reports aiding budget decisions and helps keep printing costs to a minimum by having a tool that will expose over-utilized devices as well as those that are under-utilized.
  • evaluates the True Cost of Ownership (TCO) for entire printer fleet.
  • eliminates the need for phone, fax, and email requests for meter readings.
  • eliminates fees for meter estimations due to non-submission by customer.
  • eliminates overages due to inaccurate meter readings.
  • meter collection is completed in a timely manner with minimal delays.

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